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While looking for somewhere to eat I came across King Kone. I always pass this place while walking to Lincoln Road and have only gone in once. Since I was really hungry and craving sushi, I walked right in.

The décor is bright and orange. It is a very casual place, almost fast-food-like. The restaurant is self-service, you pay before you eat and there are no waiters. There is a table with condiments and a soy sauce & wasabi mix. The prices I find are reasonable, but a little high for portion size and being self-serve.

Like I mentioned before, I had come here a few months ago but I noticed that there was a change in menu. It is now Latin inspired! And I absolutely love Latin fusion cuisine!! There are cones with names such as Mexican, Ceviche and Farofa. The deserts are mostly Brazilian inspired with brigadeiro and beijinho in waffle cones. Such a fun twist! For an appetizer I ordered edamame (1.99), it was small but nicely sized and came with a lemon. I ordered the Ceviche Kone (5.99 for a Prince Kone, 6.99 for a King Kone) and the Rock Salmon Kone (same pricing). The ceviche cone kind of reminded me of eating the real thing!! A little spicy and a nice kick of lemon & lime! The rock salmon cone was good, but boring compared to the ceviche one.

I ordered the Brigadeiro Kone (3.99) for desert. It was too sweet after a few scoops, but delicious and I ate it anyway!

These handrolls make a nice snack since they are not very filling. But when the munchies strike again, I will definitely be back to try their other exotic Kones!

King Kone

1570 Alton Road

Miami Beach, FL 33139

(305) 531-5464

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Contributor Culinary Blogger, Alejandra Beck

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