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When you think of the opposite end of the world what are some of the countries that come to mind? For Chef Adrianne Calvo it is Australia, the land down-under! In Miami we may have some misconceptions of what would be served up on our dinner plate if we lived in such a far off country where Kangaroos and Wombats are a common sighting. Join in on a personally guided culinary walkabout at Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant & Wine Bar for this month’s Dining in the Dark adventure, a sexy journey of the senses.

This month’s Dining in the Dark will feature an Australian twist on “Surf and Turf” featuring exotic ingredients such as “Bush Tomatoes” (which aren’t tomatoes at all) they are eggplants- and wild boar; don’t miss this blindfolded voyage of Maximum Flavor to the outback.

“ Exotic ingredients, the idea of an exotic location, an exotic ambiance, and BLINDFOLDS…Now, that’s sexy.” Says Chef Adrianne Calvo

From the moment you walk into Chef Adrianne’s vineyard restaurant and Wine Bar -the enclave that has become an epicenter of gastronomic creativity in the highly competitive South Florida restaurant scene- you get a feeling that you are no longer in Miami, you can actually forget the smoldering South Florida Sun and heat outside.  It has a permanent romantic mood set with music to enhance a conversation, where you can actually hear what our date has to say or you can actually say what has been weighing on your heart and mind to that significant person in your life seated across from you. This highly acclaimed culinary gem tucked away from all the vapid South Beach scene, brings to mind Napa Valley and is emphasized by the Northern Californian décor and luxurious wine options.

The Dark Dining format, which entails that participants dine blindfolded in a particularly dimly-lit setting throughout a multiple-course meal, has proven to be an ideal platform for the work of a chef that is already renowned for her ability to pleasantly surprise her guests and their palates on a regular basis with dishes that feature a succulent, and often unprecedented, combination of flavors. With their sight temporarily unavailable, Dark Dining guests at Chef Adrianne’s are able to hone all of their other senses in on their meals, considerably enhancing their level of enjoyment.

Chef Adrianne’s is located at 11510 SW 147 Avenue Miami, Fl 33196 for reservations please call (305)408-8386 or (305)408-8388 and follow Chef Adrianne Calvo on Twitter or Facebook.


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