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dessert at latin house grill I went to Latin House Grill this Saturday to meet up a friend for lunch. We got there around 4pm and the restaurant was not as packed as previous occasions. Now, I’ve been to the Latin House Grill a couple of times before this one, and the experience there hasn’t always been the best. Food wise, it’s always been exceptional, but the small little factors make me hesitant to return such as weird waiters, shortage of items on the menu, and electricity issues. Small things like that can put me off from returning to a restaurant that’s not so near my house.

Well, fortunately this time around my experience at LHG was great. I can start off by saying my waiter was very attentive, and not smothering in any kind of way. We order the calamari blossoms to start off, and they came to us relatively fast. The menu says the calamari rings are lightly coated in batter, but they were really crunchy – not a problem for me. They were sprinkled with Asiago cheese and had the house cocktail and aioli sauce for dipping. Both of the sauces were good; the house cocktail was a wee spicy, which I like, and the aioli sauce tasted like spicy mayo. Both were great to dip the calamari, and the serving amount was perfect for two.

Next, were the entrees; I had the rib-eye puffy flatton, and my friend had the chicken chimi burrito. I LOVE the puffy flatton at LHG. It’s essentially a fancier version of a chalupa: the flat bread is fried and it’s filled with three cheeses, grilled mushrooms and onions, and your pick of protein. On top it had shredded lettuce, tomatoes, crema sauce, and they’re famous avocado-lime sauce, and accompanied by tortilla chips. My friend’s chimi burrito, which I tried and it’s very delicious, is a flour tortilla and inside is yellow “chuchi” rice, three cheeses, sweet plantains, and a choice of protein. After it’s packed and rolled, they fry it, cut it in half, and top it with pico de gallo, avocado-lime sauce, and crema sauce. The chimi burrito is served with “tangled love” fries.

Neither of us could finish our meal, thanks to the calamari blossoms we ordered earlier, so we had it packed to go. Before we ordered the check, we saw a passerby waiter with a plate of two balls and what looked like powdered sugar on top. Intrigued, we asked our waiter what it was, and it was a dessert option called “Balls to the Wall” which was a brownie dipped in funnel cake batter, deep fried, then served with condensed milk and vanilla ice cream on the side, and all topped with powdered sugar. We ordered one Ball as we were pretty stuffed from the entrée, and decided to split it. The dessert was amazing – it was slightly crunchy from the fried batter, but incredibly soft once you crack the ball open. The gooey brownie scooped with the ice cream was heavenly. I separated the batter part of the ball from the brownie, and drizzled it with the condensed milk served on the side. When we were done, we left happily full.

The restaurant this time around definitely made up for the other times I left unimpressed. The setting was calm, with 80’s music playing softly in the background. There is an ample selection of beer and wine to choose from – no liquor, unfortunately. The prices for the meals were reasonable, ranging from $10-13 a plate. I will more than likely return to Latin House Grill to try their Burgie Award winning burgers.

 By Miami Food Blogger: Caroline Shalabi


3250 NE 1st Ave Miami, FL 33137

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