September 18, 2011

Sustain Restaurant + Bar

Sustain Restaurant + Bar in Midtown Miami is a rather new addition to the neighborhood. This is the third fine dining restaurant in the neighborhood, the other two are Mercadito and Sugarcane. I was driving by and have heard the buzz about this place so I decided to stop for just a bite and a glass of wine.

I approached the front door and as soon as I walked in I knew I was up for a good time, the decor is beautifully and smartly planned and the acoustics are good (did I mention that lately acoustics play a 30% of my overall experience at a restaurant?). I hate loud places.

So I sat at the bar all by myself but instantly I felt welcome by a knowledgeable bartender. I asked for a Sauvignon blanc (my favorite wine), and within one minute a glass of chilled wine arrived. Side note; I do not like to be served wine on a regular glass instead of a glass with a stem because I feel that when I grab the glass my hands are warm and the heat is transferred to the wine and I particularly like my wine very chilled. At Sustain Restaurant + Bar they serve the wine in a glass.

Sustain Restaurant + Bar

I looked over the menu, it was early in the day so I was not into going for a full meal so I choose the Wet fries which reminded me of a dish that is popular in South America called "revuelto de gramajo." This little dish was delicious! The fries were wet in a light gravy sauce. I specially liked the pan in which they were served. I was tweeting while I was eating them - and the owner approached me, we spoke briefly, then I finished my glass of wine with fries and continue my day.

Sustain Restaurant + Bar

3252 NE 1st Ave

Miami, FL 33137


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