April 15, 2014

Salvatore Pasta, Pizza, and Subs


Here’s another challenge for Miami dwellers: where can you find the best pizza in Miami? Salvatore Pizza, Pasta, and Subs, that’s where. I am self-proclaimed burger connoisseur, but pizza; pizza, is a whole other animal. I am extremely picky with pizza, particularly with the sauce and the cheese, two components that make or break it for me. I can’t even throw pizza chains restaurants in the mix because it’s not fair to them. So what do I consider a good pizza? Personally, I like my pizzas on the thinner side, not too doughy because I don’t want the dough to distract me from the other flavors, and a good crunch is welcomed on the crust. The sauce is a very important ingredient to a successful pizza; I prefer a sweet tomato sauce with hints of oregano and basil in the mix. A good ratio of sauce to cheese is also very crucial; I don’t want to drink the sauce when I take a bite into my pizza. Now the cheese is a simple but imperative factor to the perfect pie. I will not mention specifics but there are times where I go to these places and I feel like the cheese tastes heavily processed.

So at Salvatore’s they have come extremely close to the perfect pizza. Their pizza has all the components to perfection. I would like to say their style is very New York; slices are thin, wide, crispy and yet very foldable for on-the-go action. This restaurant is located in Hialeah, and it’s definitely a mom and pop shop. I started off  with their garlic rolls, and it was just as magical as their pizza. Large, crispy, yet fluffy rolls were drenched in garlic and olive oil, leaving your breath delectably venomous. The pizza came out shortly after the rolls, and half was a traditional pepperoni, and the other half was cheese and onions. Both sides were awesome, but I actually preferred the cheese and onion mix. Not to downplay the pepperoni; the slices tasted great. Overall, I definitely would indicate you to this place if you’re looking for delicious pizza in Miami.

Salvatore Pasta, Pizza, and Subs

1550 W 84th St #1, Hialeah, FL 33014
(305) 821-7016

By Food Blogger, Caroline Shalabi

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