August 23, 2021

Mezcalista's Personal Mezcalier Guide and Grasshopper Snacks at Moxy South Beach

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Photos Credit: Michael Kleinberg & Anthony Nader


Paired With an Original Chipotle Chapulin (grasshopper) ‘Chex Mix’ and Mezcal Flight

WHAT:  Mezcalista, Moxy’s new intimate lounge featuring an impressive collection of over 200 mezcals, is now inviting guests to learn more about Mezcal. Inside the catacomb-like space dedicated to the ancient traditions of mezcal, the revered spirit first distilled by the Pre-Hispanics centuries ago, guests can select from a menu of mezcal tastings led by an expert mezcaliers, (including Ashly Levi behind the popular @missagave Instagram). With each tasting, the mezcalier is on-hand to engage with guests and explain the different floral and smoky notes of each mezcal and how the accompaniments provided bring out those different flavors. 
In addition to its new mezcal tasting menu, Mezcalista has rolled out the perfect pairing – an original Chapulin (grasshopper) ‘Chex Mix’ – inspired by the authentic Mexican dish. The Chipotle Chapulin is made with Chex cereal, Chapulines, chicharron, Cheddar combos, cashews, peanuts, golden raisins, dusted with oaxacan chocolate and chipotle morita powder and mixed with a homemade chipotle marinade.
Mezcal Tasting Menu
  1. “Espadin Express”
Intro $40 PP (Lesser cost and more well-known agaves)
1oz each of Dos Hombres, Ilegal Joven, and Dona Vega—Served with Orange Slices, Sal di Gusano, and Sliced Heirloom Cherry Tomato
  1. “Agave Aficionado”
Advance $50 PP (Mid-tier and alternate mezcals)
1oz each Amaras Cupreata, Quiereme Mucho Tepexate, and Sacrvum Madrecuishe—Served with Orange Slices, Sal di Gusano, and Sliced Heirloom Cherry Tomato
  1. “Wild and Rare”
Rare and Memorable $80 PP (Rare and limited mezcals)
1oz each Marca Negra Tobala, Del Maguey Pechuga, and Palenqueros “Balthazar Cruz” Espadin-Sierra Negra—Served with Orange Slices, Sal di Gusano, and Sliced Heirloom Cherry Tomato
Chapuline Mix with Mezcal Flight
Pair the homemade Chipotle Chapuline Mix with a Mezcal flightfeaturing three variations of Mezcal including -  Clase Azul Guerrero Papalote CupreataMezcales de Leyenda Bisfera Enzamble, and Clase Azul Durango Cenizo. The flight menu comes with a detailed description and individual tasting notes.


Mezcalista is located inside Moxy South Beach at 915 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, Florida 33139


Mezcalista is open from Thursday – Sunday from 8:00pm – Late. To book please contact [email protected] for availability.

Each experience takes about 25–30 minutes. This experience is also perfect for groups, bachelor/bachelorette parties or other private events.



Moxy South Beach’s sexy, mysterious lounge introduces hotel guests and Miami locals to mezcal, the revered but often misunderstood spirit first distilled by the Pre-Hispanics centuries ago. Designed by Saladino Design Studios and run by the team behind Miami’s uber-popular Coyo Taco (whose original Wynwood location has a hush-hush mezcal bar), the lounge offers over 100 types of mezcal and its derivative, tequila, with mezcaliers explaining their different floral and smoky notes. The lounge’s vibe ranges from intimate and relaxing early in the week, with mezcal connoisseurs sipping attentively, to fun and exclusive on the weekends, with performances from some of the world’s top DJ’s and perhaps some late-night dancing on the walnut and leather banquettes.Award-winning mixologist Christian Rubio, whose hospitality experience ranges from Europe and Mexico to Miami, created Mezcalista’s specialty cocktails. Rubio is known for deftly combining Mexican herbs, fruits, and spirits, and his menu here includes a mezcal-based punch flavored with lime, hibiscus, rosemary, and ginger; a mezcal twist on an old-fashioned with basil, ginger ale, and bitters; and the Asian-inflected signature cocktail, mezcal with ginger-lemongrass syrup, lime juice, and coconut water. Adjacent to the lounge, a velvet-draped, stone-walled tasting room provides an intimate setting for private parties.

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