April 10, 2011

Dunkin’ Donuts Invited A Group Of Bloggers To Sample Their New Line Of “hearty Snacks”

These snacks are designed to provide a small bite to eat between meals for people on-the-go.

We were presented with a variety of small plates: Stuffed Breadsticks, Warm Apple Pie, Bagel Twists, Cuban Flatbread Sandwich and a lemon Mountain Dew Colada, all recent additions to the menu.

The Stuffed Breadsticks came in two varieties, Pepperoni & Cheese and Cheeseburger. While most people there preferred the Pepperoni, I was partial to the latter as it had a more substantial flavor, kind of like a mini-cheeseburger wrapped in dough.

The Warm Apple Pie was quite tasty and I liked the flaky texture on the outside. I did not taste the Bagel Twists but Mr. H did and he said that it was his favorite among all the offerings. He tasted the Cheddar Cheese version. They also come in a Cinnamon Raisin flavor.

The Cuban Flatbread Sandwich was an interesting blend of flavors and textures as in this case, they made the sandwich with flatbread instead of the traditional Cuban bread. I asked, why the flatbread? The answer was that they already carried a variety of flatbread specialties and wanted to keep that theme. It featured ham, slow-roasted pork, swiss cheese , dijon mustard and a pickle spread. It was tasty and the pork was fork-tender and thick with an overall good flavor. I did not like the fact that the sandwich kept falling apart though, with the contents slipping and sliding all over my hands. Not a good thing to order on a first date !

We had an unusual frosty-like concoction at the end called Mountain Dew Colada. It was bright yellow and looked sweet so I was afraid to taste it. It turned out to be mild and just slightly sugary.

I liked the ambiance of the store itself, modern, simple and clean.

I have to say that this is not a place I would ordinarily visit as the menu is a giant “carb-fest.” The food is far from fantastic but it really does deliver what it promises which are hearty, belly-filling but small meals that can keep you going when you get a snack-attack.

Will I be going back for one of their tasty treats?

I am afraid not.

Dunkin' Donuts

12561 Biscayne Boulevard

Miami, FL 33181


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By Contributor Writer and Photographer Brenda Benoit

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