October 25, 2015

Foods of New York Chinatown Food Tour

This past August I went with my aunt and my sister to New York City and one of the things we did was take a food tour in Chinatown.

We took the subway to the meeting point where we would meet our guide and the rest of the group. The meeting point was also where we would have our first tasting: dim sum, also known as dumplings. We sat down and they served us three different kinds of dim sum, pork, chicken and shrimp. They were all amazing but my personal favorite was the pork dumpling, it was very good and it tasted like you would expect a traditional Chinese dumpling to taste.

Chinatown dumplings

After enjoying our dim sum and a cup of tea, we went to our second stop, but not before learning a couple things about the history of Chinatown and how it was founded. While our guide explained to us how everything started, we walked through the streets and alleys of Chinatown also getting to know some of the secrets this place has to offer.

Before our second stop, we were able to visit a small candy shop where we had the opportunity to taste some of the weirdest but most interesting candy I, or any of us, had ever tried.

We continued our walk until we got to a place called ‘Peking Duck House’. We got inside and sat down at a big table with the rest of the group. Immediately after sitting down a waiter appeared with an entire duck in a tray, and showed us how to prepare authentic Peking duck. He started cutting pieces of it and wrapping it around some type of dough, but not without adding some spring onions first. The waiters started to serve and I had the chance to try one of the most traditional and delicious Chinese dishes I’ve ever eaten before. The duck’s thin meat and crisp skin was exquisite and the spring onions added the finishing touch to make it perfect. We finished eating and headed on to our third and final stop, a Malaysian Restaurant.

As we were walking to our next tasting, we walked through a small park were we could experience a little bit more of the Chinese culture. All around the park there were elderly sitting around small tables playing a traditional board game; it was very interesting and fun to see.

We walked a little bit more through a small alley where we found the Malaysian Restaurant. Here we ate Roti Canai, which is a well-known south Asian dish. This was my personal favorite in the whole tour, I was amazed with how good it was, not that is surprising though, Asian cuisine is one of the best in the world. It was the perfect way to end a great tour!

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