An interview with one of our selected best restaurants in Miami – Babylon Restaurant

We created Babylon as a reflection of our home, a way of life, a way of enjoying valuable time with friends and family. Our priority is to remind our guests to appreciate again the simple joys of sharing food, stories and experiences.
At Babylon we are proud and passionate about the food we grew up eating. We are dedicated to recreating dishes that are authentic and rustic to the villages of Turkey. Our table is where family and friends can gather for love, laughter and spirited conversations. A place to feed your stomach and your soul.
We are nestled in the heart of vibrant, world class destination South Beach. Whether enjoying decor inside the main dining room or on the patio, you will fell as if you’ve been transported. The exquisite mosaic chandeliers inside cast a romantic glow in a warm amber and cool blue hues and the lush Babylon Garden is a tree-lined, trellised hidden retreat.
We opened our door in 2014 , we are two partners Orhan Duz and me Sinan Kilinc. I am Turkish-Canadian from Montreal. Mr. Orhan from New York.

Most Popular Dishes;
Ground lamb skewer wrapped in a lavash bread, served with our special sauce
A bed of roasted eggplant mixed with garlic yogurt, topped with lamb & beef
Ground lamb with red bell peppers, slightly seasoned with paprika & grilled on skewers
MUCVER / Zucchini Pancake
Zucchini pancake with feta cheese & dill, flash fried & served with garlic yogurt sauce
PATLICAN DOLMA / Stuffed Eggplant
Sundried eggplant stuffed with ground lamb & cracked wheat rice
COBAN SALATA / Shepherd Salad
Tomatoes,cucumbers,peppers,red onions&parsley, sheredded feta w/olive oil & lemon juice
Mashed chickpeas blended with garlic, tahini & olive oil
Chargrilled eggplant puree seasoned with garlic, lemon & olive oil


560 Washington Ave
Miami, Florida 33139