Azucar Ice Cream is the final stop on the Little Havana Food Tour. Dessert is the best, and it is always last. This Cuban ice cream shop offers numerous original flavors. Abuela Maria, for instance, is inspired by the Cuban snack consisting of salt crackers, cream cheese, and a slice of guava paste. The Abuela Maria flavor contains cheese cake ribbons, guava swirls, and crunchy cracker crumbs. The result is delightful. Tropical fruit flavors are also offered, including mamey, guava, and banana. These fruits are abundant in Cuba and form an integral part of the food culture that has been brought to Little Havana.

Everyone on the tour gets to choose their own flavor to sample. I ask for mantecado ice cream, which is an egg based vanilla. My choice is influenced by my childhood. A scoop of mantecado ice cream with rainbow sprinkles was my favorite dessert as a kid.

At Azucar, their mantecado ice cream does not disappoint. The egg yolk gives the ice cream its signature yellow color and extra creamy texture. It compliments the vanilla by making it more pronounced and adds a richer flavor than traditional vanilla. It is as sweet as I remember from my younger years.