Asaos Food Truck visits Wynwood every Art Walk Saturday and serves the best late night Venezuelan food. After enjoying the art galleries, new-age music, and local DJs, a stop for some gluten free arepas is in order.

Arepas are fried and made from white corn flour. They can be filled with any shredded meat, including chicken and beef. The meats are roasted slowly to conserve their natural moisture. This arepa is overflowing with juicy shredded beef and shredded cheddar cheese that is served in equal amounts. The ingredients are rich and heavy, resulting in a filling snack that will keep one satisfied for hours, unless there happens to be a basket of tequeños in the vicinity. These crisp Venezuelan-style mozzarella sticks are dipped in a creamy cilantro sauce and make for a savory side dish.

Food trucks in Venezuela are called restaurants on wheels, and just as they are here, they are gaining buzz and popularity. The Asaos chef is from Venezuela where she used to own a restaurant. She later brought her culinary skills to South Beach, but when it was time to open another restaurant, she wanted to test the food truck trend. To her delight, the restaurant on wheels setting suits her because she is able to go directly to her customers, and also interact with them.