Located in the municipality of Santa Cruz de Retamar, in the north-west of
Toledo province, La Verdosa estate is a superb example of Mediterranean
pasture land [dehesa) that is typical of the Iberian Peninsula. The Alberche
River runs along the valley, flanked by gently rolling hills. The area is
covered in vegetation, and the predominant plants are rosemary, thyme,
citrus and lavender. There are 65 acres under vine, at an altitude between
470 and 510 meters above sea level, with the following varieties: Syrah (33
acres], Merlot (13 acres], Cabernet Sauvignon (11 acres] and Petit Verdot (8

Our wines are elaborated with our own grapes from the estate. We are
looking for wines that are fruity, fluid, elegant, easy to drink, with the
complexity of the combination of four varieties. All La Verdosa wines are
produced under Mentrida appellation.


Appellations of Origin:

D.O. Mentridu

Grapes varieties:

Syrah, Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon,
Petit Verdot, Garnacha

Organic wines: No

Kosher wines: No