Jimmy’z Wynwood. Wynwood is an up and coming neighborhood of Miami formerly known as “El Barrio” due to its Puerto Rican influence and population in the early years of its inception. Like any other Puerto Rican influenced destination, you can see the effect that the cuisine, music, and art have had in the area. Such is the case in Wynwood, with restaurants like Jimmy’z embracing Puerto Rican culture to serve authentic cuisine to those that frequent the neighborhood. Try the Aranitas ($4.99), a dish similar to tostones. The same green plantain is used, but instead of smashing and frying, the fruit is shredded, combined into a mass, mixed with garlic, and pan fried. The shredded plantain makes the fritter seem very similar to a spider by sight, hence the name

Personally, we favor these over tostones, as they yield a lighter and less compact mass with a crunchier and more flavorful product. They serve as a perfect size for any Puerto Rican dish or as an appetizer for the table. The wine selection at Jimmy’z is stellar, so come prepared for a meal satisfying at every level.

Where to try them in Miami: Jimmy’z Wynwood. 2700 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127. (305) 573-1505