ajiaco soup recipe

Ajiaco is the name given to several cooking varieties of the Latin American intertropical region which have aji (chilies) as one of its components. Basically, Ajiaco is a spicy and thick sauce. When several ingredients such as legumes and cubes of meat are added, Ajiaco becomes a stew.

Ajiaco is a symbol of Cuban cuisine and it is made of sweet potato, yucca root, plantains, corn and meat (cow or pork). It is required lots of stocks, with lemon juice and chili.

Nowadays, the creole ajiaco is preserved in some provinces of Cuba as in Camagüey. In some others, the recipe adds or subtracts some ingredients.

Ingredients: 12 portions


1/2 chicken
1 pound mince
1 pound pork meat
1 pound pork loin
8 liters of water


2 corncobs

1/2 pound of yellow malanga
1 pound yucca root
1 pound sweet potato
1/2 pound white malanga
2 sour oranges
1 pumpkin


2 tablespoons of oil or spread butter.
1 onion
2 cloves of garlic

1 pepper
1 cup of tomato purée

2 tablespoons oregano
3 teaspoons salt
7 bay leafs

3 egg whites

Ajiaco Preparation

In a large casserole put together the chicken, water and bay leafs until it is boiling. When it has softened, take out the chicken and chop it in cubes. Prepare dough made of mince, egg whites, tomato, and salt, place it in a saucepan where you will have later the Ajiaco. Add carefully the chicken stock and let it cook on medium flame until it boils slightly. Then, lower the flame to the minimum and let is cook for 1 to 2 hours approximately. While you start preparing the stock, begin making the sofrito (by adding chopped pork pieces, chicken and spices), the meals should be peeled and chopped into medium size cubes, some may be added according to the texture and consistency in a saucepan with vegetables stock and pork loin.

Once the stock is ready, strain it and put it on the flame again to add the sofrito and meals already cooked. Leave it for at least 20-30 minutes.

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Alex says:

Spicy doesn’t mean hot, as in chilli hot, it is full of taste from condiments not from hot chilli as Mexican food would be, Cuban’s do not use Chilli hot condiments Generally.