Chocolate Mousse from Acqua at the Four Seasons Hotel

At the United Way Miami Wine & Food Festival 2011 there were too many delightful bites to try and although I love all things sweet, I kept pacing myself. I wanted to make sure to try things from restaurants I have not visited before. Acqua at the Four Seasons Hotel is one place that I have heard how it is a million times but have not had the chance to visit so this was my time to grab a bite and get a taste of it.

Of course you can never judge a restaurant by their deserts only, that would be just too unfair but I have to say that this chocolate mousse not only was presented beautifully but it tasted amazing. One word; decadent. The chocolate literally melted in your mouth and the chocolate quality was one to remember. The creme on top had flavors of rum (I might be wrong as I do not brag myself to be a culinary expert but someone who likes to eat). The light sugary cookie on top easily dissolved in your mouth without leaving any layers of bothering agents in your mouth (not sure if you are getting what I am trying to get in here, but I have tried numerous cookies that had left a greasy-type taste in my mouth and I simply hate that).

Acqua at the Four Seasons Hotel

1435 Brickell Ave

Miami, FL 33131


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