We give the “Miami As-Melting-Pot” Concept A New ( Edible ) Meaning

Office Team

  • Grace Della, Director Of Operations
  • Malena Maffei, Reservations
  • Ana Molina, Office Assistant

Dining Guides

  • Lisa Kogut
  • Gina Castaldo
  • Mirka Harris
  • Jennifer Porcielo
  • Marie Perea
  • Lana Ostanaya
  • Ashley Carlucci

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Food Writers

  • Santiago Cardona
  • Maria Velasco


  • Brenda Benoit


What The Media Is Saying About Us

  • “Insider Guide: Best Of Miami; Miami Culinary Tours”

  • “A Must Food And Cultural Experience For Those Who Love Authentic Cuisine”

  • “Grace Della Leads Food Lovers through The Streets of Calle Ocho, Miami”


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